The usage of the device

The device can be operating in two levels:

1. Medical and therapeutical usage for:
Hospitals, clinics and healthcare institutions

The necessary information and knowledge to use the device:

  • Common medical knowledge
  • Knowledge in informatics
  • Knowledge of how to use and how to program the device

2. If the device is placed at the patient's home:
The programs are written according to the given disease purposefully. The portable operator panel includes the pre-programmed and pre-written set of programs. It is the simplest way to use.

Tasks of the patient to use the device:

  • The patient needs to plug the device into the mains.
  • The patient starts the programs by pushing the START button and lies down on the control panel. In case of using the magnetic tunnel, the patient positioning him or herself according to the proper mode of treatment.
  • The patient turns off the device in the end of the set of programs, which takes maximum one hour. The end of the program is signaled by a sound and by a vibrating alarm put on the patient's wrist.