The function of the device

The functioning of the device (Magnetic Bed or Magnetic Tunnel) is basically determined by computer programs installed on the operator panel.
The programs in the case of the Magnetic Bed are needed to be written in two dimensional tables and in the case of the Magnetic Tunnel in three dimensional arrays.
Programs are written and can be run on Windows XP and Windows 7 Start.
These programs can be set in 16 speed range which falls within the range of 0,5-100m/sec on which the nerves are working.

The operator panel can be reached in three different ways by the help of the written programs:

  • Directly through computers (on-line)
  • If the device is placed at the patient's, through a pre-programmed portable operator which is specially designed to the patient's needs.
  • The third option is a hand operator panel with special manuals. In this case, the hand operator panel chooses one program from programs downloaded on the central operator panel. According to the given program the user sets the proper velocity from the 16 shifts with the device.

How to program the device

Valentin-Med-MT Magnetic Tunnel

The Magnetic Tunnel can be ran by the 2x40 piece of pre- or on-line programed magnets which are located on the surfaces of the two control panels (820x400mm).
Location of the magnets:

  • 2x10 piece of magnets the are located in parallel on each control panels (three dimensional surface)
  • the two control panels are in opposite position
  • the distance between the control panels can be modified

With the help of the program we can:

  • make one magnet to work
  • arrange groups of magnets
  • make all the 40 magnets located on the surface to work simultaneously

The following type of fields can be generated by the help of the magnetic field:

  • pulsating magnetic field
  • transversal magnetic field (horizontal)
  • longitudinal magnetic field (vertical)
  • a magnetic field that slips from one of the control panels to the other one
  • and the combination of the above mentioned type of fields

The speed of the horizontal magnetic field corresponds to speed of the nerves, which falls within the range of 0.5-100m/sec.
Number of speed ranges: 16 shifts. The 16 speed range can be set between 1 and 16 shifts.
The first shift is the slowest and the sixteenth is the fastest.