The effect of the device on the human organism

The device takes effect on the human organism:

  1. through the changes of magnetic field
    • at quantum-physic levels
    • at the cell-level
    • Tissue and organ levels
  2. through the effect of the warmed/heated up magnets (max: 45C degrees)
    • The magnets can be warmed up till 45 C degrees and the state of the warmed up human body increases the efficiency of the magnetic-therapy in case of particular diseases.
  3. through the light feedback of the LED diodes coupled in parallel with magnets (brain feedbacks)
    • The LED diodes coupled in parallel with the magnets give feedback to the user of the operating device.
  4. While turning on and off of the magnets they are emitting a particular sound which assures the patient about the functioning of the device and gives information about the currently running program.
    • In turning on and turning out the magnets are emitting particular sounds, series of sounds which are unambiguously signaling each program. Thus, patients are able to recognize the type of the currently running program on the basis of the sounds.

The common effects of the device:

  • Increases the average energy level of the human body.
  • It helps to enhance the information exchange between cells and the re-building of cell connections; in addition, it increases cell regeneration.
  • Strengthens the immune and hormone system.
  • Enhances blood-circulation.
  • Calms the nerves and reduces stress.


The successes achieved in the past six years from the development of the device in the case of curing the following diseases:

  • urinary incontinence in the Elderly and prostate diseases
  • increasing male sexual potency
  • setting blood pressure and blood glucose level
  • stomach disorders and intestinal diseases
  • kidneys, liver, lungs, heart
  • colon cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer
  • herniated disc incontinences; spinal disc hernia (hernias, neural fields)
  • bone fractures, contusions, sport injuries
  • neuritis, head ache, migraine
  • disorders of the lymphatic system
  • cerebellar atrophy
  • strengthens the immune system
  • allergies

The device has effect on the following disease-stages:

The five stages of the evolvement of diseases Accessible disease-stages by the Valentin-Med device Level of the human body on which it has effect

1.Genetic stage
Condition: no symptoms
Disease: potential possibility

No accessible disease stage No effect on the human organism

2.Pre-clinic stage
Condition: no symptoms
Disease: it is materialized due to external and internal impact

Disease is on an accessible stage

It has effect on atomic levels:
elektrons, protons, spin

3.Symptomatic stage
Condition: clinical symptoms
Disease: can be traced by laboratorial tools

Disease is on an accessible stage

It has effect on cell-level:
tissue and nerve cells, cell-membranes (ion-channels), nucleus (DNS/RNS synthesis)

4.Clinical stage
Condition: unambiguous signs of the disease
Disease: pathological symptoms

Disease is on an accessible stage tissues, organs

5."Real" disease stage
Condition: morphological disorders
Disease: clearly definable

Disease is on an accessible stage tissues, organs